We are a medium sized law firm consisting of 25 lawyers, who have teamed together on April 1, 2007. Overall, we are more than 50 people. The present constellation is between Kønig, Homann & Erichsen – which law firm can trace its history back to May 1, 1958 – and the law firm Collin – which can trace its history back more than 120 years. These two law firms then on April 1, 2007 entered into cooperation with four other small law firms under the current name Homann.

Kønig, Homann & Erichsen established in 1967 a subsidiary in Nuuk in Greenland. This activity was winded up in 2000, but the office still has many close connections to the Greenlandic society. Homann is member of two international alliances, which allow the law firm to provide international service. We are members of International Lawyers Network (ILN) and JCA.