Planning- and environmental law

Governmental regulation has an increasing impact on businesses. As a citizen one must also be well prepared to understand the consequences of legislation, planning, and other restrictions on real estate property.

The field of planning- and environmental law relates to the regulation of real estate, both in the public and the private sector. This contains rules, which give the authorities the right to control the development (planning) in urban and rural areas and to regulate private and professional activities that might affect the environment. Moreover, planning- and environmental concerns the rules and rights, which apply in the relationship between property owners. It is a field of law that requires the assistance of specialist lawyers.

HOMANN Lawyers assist owners of real estate property as well as businesses and public authorities, when these rules come into play. It may be within:

  • Environmental Protection Act, Planning Act and Nature Conservation,
  • Matters before the Environmental Board of Appeal and judicial proceedings
  • Expropriation
  • Permissions within the country zone
  • Prohibitions and orders
  • Legalisation - legal or physical
  • Building rights
  • Protection Lines
  • Ground Pollution Act (registration and orders)
  • Prescriptive rights, neighbouring rights etc.

We have extensive experience in conducting cases before the Environmental Board of Appeal and the ordinary courts.

Lawyers with competences within this area