Transport / Maritime law / Aviation

In association - but acting as a separate entity - with attorney Lars Espersen of Espersen Law Office, in Frederikshavn - web site who has been studying at the Maritime Institute of the University of Oslo and who has many years of experience in all kinds of maritime and transport law (obtained through Danish Fishing Industry, Danish Fishing Rights Negotiation, Danish Maritime Insurance and related areas) we offer services in these areas and including shipping, transport, contract negotiations with shipyards, liabillity matters, leasing and litigation concerning defaults. 

For lawyers with competence in the specific areas contact:

Maritime law, transport law and aviation: Lars Espersen.

All kinds of liabillity and insurance matters: Jesper Seeger Perregaard.

Litigation matters as concerns defects in boats ect.: Henrik Andersen.

Establishing of new business etc.: see listing of Areas of Practice and the lawyers attached to the various areas or contact managing partner Bent-Ove Feldung.

For international matters see our JCA partners in England under areas of practice: aviation/shipping and in Belgium under areas of practice: aviation/travel