Attorney Gunnar Homann

Attorney (H)

Attended the Supreme Court

Phone: +45 33 15 01 02


Gunnar Homann has more than 30 years of experience within the fields of immigration law and criminal law, including extensive experience with asylum cases and cases on expulsion of non-citizens.

He is an experienced practitioner and has brought many cases of general public interest before the Danish Supreme Court. He has served on several investigatory commissions established by the Danish State and has been a key participant in the drafting of Danish immigration law.

In addition to his practical work, he has also contributed to the legal scholarship in the field, including co-authoring the latest edition of the main Danish textbook on immigration law.

In recognition of his work within the field, he has been honored with several prestigious awards, including the Honorary Award of the Dreyer Foundation and being knighted by the Queen of Denmark.


  • MA (Law) University of Copenhagen 1967


  • Danish lawyers
  • Association of Danish Law Firms and The Danish Bar and Law Society


  • Board memberships.
  • Author of several articles and books concerning especially The Refugee- and Immigration Law.
  • Court appointed council in Copenhagen since 1984 and examiner at The University of Copenhagen.
  • Board member of The Danish Law Societies, Criminal Law Comity
  • From 2007 admitted to the list of councils for the defence authorized to act before The International Criminal Court.


  • Danish and English