A New EU Immigration Portal Has Been Launched

In cooperation with the Migration Policy Group, the European Commission has launched a web portal concerning rules on immigration within the European Union. The EU Immigration Portal can be found at:

The EU Immigration Portal provides detailed country-specific information concerning the rules on immigration in the EU Member States. As such, this portal is particularly useful for citizens from countries outside of the European Union who wish to immigrate to an EU member state, for example as a worker or a student or for purposes of family reunification. In addition, the portal has relevant information for non-EU citizens already living within an EU member state, such as information on how to obtain a permanent residence or citizenship.

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For more information about this article, contact attorney-at-law Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen. Mr. Jacobsen is appointed as the Danish expert for MigNet – a network of independent legal practitioners in the field of immigration law within the EU member states – and in this capacity he provides information on the Danish rules on immigration for the EU Immigration Portal.