Access to dual citizenship and to reacquistioon of Danish citizenship

1st September 2015, a new law as come into force making it possible to get dual citizenship in Denmark. This means that if you are a foreigner and you meet the requirements for acquiring Danish citizenship, you can apply for and get Danish citizebnship without having to renounce your own citizenship at the same time. Further, it means that if you are a Danish citizenship, you may apply for a foreign citizenship and get it whithout having to renounce your Danish citzenship.

This new law also makes it possible to reacquire Danish citizenship, if you have been obligated to renounce your Danish citizenship as a result of having been granted a foregin citizenship. For example, if you are a Danish citizen, but you have had to give up your Danish citizenship as a result of having been granted American citizenship, you may reapply and get your Danish citizenship back and still keep your American citizenship. This possibility runs for 5 years from the coming into force of this new law, i.e. from 1st September 2015.


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