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Handling of death estates

af Bent-Ove Feldung

Concerning danish citizens/habitual residence

Investment in commercial properties / residential rental properties in Denmark

af attorney Bent-Ove Feldung

As our law firm in the last couple of years has handled quite a lot of transactions involving commercial properties and residential rental properties...

Access of four new partners

It is with the greatest pleasure that we can inform our clients and other interested parties that Homann Law Firm have had accession by four new...

Purchase of permanent habitation/residence and summerhouse in Denmark

af attorney Bent-Ove Feldung

The article is meant as a guide to foreigners when considering purchase of real estate or apartments in housing cooperatives in Denmark

Sharp rise in the number of M&A’s in Denmark

In the fourth quarter of 2020 there was a marked rise in company acquisitions. In our law firm these acquisitions are defined as the transfer of a...

Establishing of business in Denmark

af attorney Bent-Ove Feldung

Within the law firm we have specialists who can team together and perform a due diligence, and we can also assist in buying and selling businesses...

Ruling by High Court on case regarding discrimination on grounds of disability and spousal reunification

af Eddie O. R. Khawaja

The Eastern High Court on 22 December 2015 made a ruling in a case where we were assisting a client with a disability and his spouse, who had been...

New Stricter Requirements for Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit

af Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen

On the 10th of December 2016, the Danish Government proposed a bill that will make it more difficult to get a permanent residence permit.

Principle case on the right to import and make use of ayahuasca for religious purposes.

af attorney at law Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen

We represent the organisation Nordens Céu Sagrado, Mester Fernandos Center for Meditation og Videnskab in a case against the Danish Ministry of Health...

Access to dual citizenship and to reacquistioon of Danish citizenship

af Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen

1st September 2015, a new law as come into force making it possible to get dual citizenship in Denmark. This means that if you are a foreigner and you...

Criticism of report on Eritrea published by the Danish Immigration Service

af attorney at law Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen

After having received an extraordinary large amount of refugees from Eritrea in 2014 in Denmark, it was decided that the Danish Immigration Service...

The Danish government is getting ready to tighten the Danish rules on asylum.

af attorney at law Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen

The increase in the amount of refugees coming to Denmark, in particular as a result of the civil war in Syria, has lead to that the rules on asylum...

Brazil Further Expands Payroll Tax Switch and Extends Tax Cuts

af David Roberto R. Soares da Silva

Brazilian Finance Minister Guide Mantega on December 19 announced an extension of tax reductions for vehicles and 22 retail activities that will be...

Brazil: 2012 Year in Review

af David Roberto R. Soares da Silva

As 2012 comes to a close, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff faces a challenge: For the first time in years, federal tax revenues are decreasing.

Brazil Issues Regulation on Low-Tax Jurisdictions; Swiss, Dutch Companies Removed From Blacklist

af David Roberto R. Soares da Silva

Less than two weeks after updating its list of low-tax jurisdictions and special tax regimes, Brazil's Federal Revenue Department (FRD) has issued a...

Managers, Owners Not Personally Liable for Companies' Social Security Taxes, Brazil's Supreme Court Rules

af David Roberto R. Soares da Silva

Brazil's Supreme Court (STF) on November 3 ruled that officers and owners of businesses are not personally liable for social security taxes owed by...

A New EU Immigration Portal Has Been Launched

af attorney at law Bjørn Dilou Jacobsen

In cooperation with the Migration Policy Group, the European Commission has launched a web portal concerning rules on immigration within the European...

Intellectual property law

af Advokat Hans Henrik Skjødt

Intellectual property law and marketing law - a summary.

New Corporate Law in place from the 1st of March 2010

af Attorney Nicolai Platzer Funder

On the 29th of May 2009 the Danish Parliament enacted a new single Corporate Act as a replacement for the predecessors; the Limited Liability...

Debt collecting in Denmark

af A. Bent-Ove Feldung & Per Kristian Johansen

The purpose of this article is to form a general view of the rules concerning recovery of debt in Denmark for private clients and business clients....