Public procurement

We assist public authorities, institutions, companies and other public-law bodies subject to EU procurement rules and other EU-law and national rules on public procurement.

Our legal advice covers:

  • Analysis, planning, setting-up and maintenance of procurement strategies, procedures and systems
  • Teaching and knowledge transfer in the area
  • Implementation of specific EU tenders and other tenders relating to demand for goods and services
  • Analyses and assessments of procurement issues
  • Public procurement disputes, cases before complaints boards, courts and the EU commission

We also counsel suppliers in their capacities as financial stakeholders and tenderers in the tender process, including:

  • Strategic analyses and assessments of suppliers’ general options and procedures for participating in tendering
  • Counselling on suppliers’ participation in a specific tender
  • Teaching suppliers and transferring knowledge to them about public procurement transactions and procedures
  • Disputes in procurement cases before complaints boards, courts, EU authorities, etc.

We provide advice on Danish as well as foreign public procurement projects and can draw on our expanded network, including our international collaboration with JCA-lawyers, to glean the expert know-how we need from the relevant countries. We also continuously focus on activities in the Oresund region.

Lawyers with competences within this area