Mergers & acquisitions

For many years we have assisted with a wide range of acquisitions and investments for various forms of commercial businesses. We have thus attained expertise in every phase of mergers and acquisitions, including safeguarding trade secrets and conducting due diligence.

Furthermore, we can offer professional assistance in drafting the transfer agreement and negotiating all its terms before the agreement is ultimately concluded.

We assist many small and medium-sized enterprises in their transitions and make a special point of tailoring the content and scope of our counselling to the client’s specific needs.

We also provide legal counselling on mergers and acquisitions of big businesses, both nationally and in connection with transfers to foreign entities.

Apart from issues regarding the transition itself, we also advise on

  • Long-term M&A strategies, growth strategies and analyses
  • Preparation and organisation of transfers
  • IPO / introduction on the Copenhagen stock exchange
  • Business analysis & intelligence,
  • MBOs

as well as general assessments and various other M&A issues.

In our M&A counselling and activities we collaborate closely with auditors, financial experts, business analysts and other relevant stakeholders and have an extensive national and international network.