Home buying and selling

Our attorneys have longstanding experience in, for example,

  • project development assistance with new and renovated buildings
  • urban renewal projects
  • purchase and sale of residential and commercial rental properties
  • property management

We also take on the responsibility of teaching the legal aspects of real estate and construction at universities and to course providers, and many of our attorneys have made extensive contributions to trade literature in the area.

Against this background, we can offer counselling relating to the purchase and sale of any type of real estate. Regardless of whether the assignment encompasses the actual conclusion of an agreement or associated contracts such as construction contracts, limited partnership contracts, lease agreements and dealings with public authorities.

We give legal advice on home buying.
Several of our attorneys specialise in the home buying and selling process. They monitor the market closely and can give advice on the various property types and financing options available as well as go through the legal documents for any unpleasant surprises.

Our attorneys assist with price negotiations, whether you are looking to negotiate a lower price or find yourself bidding for a property. They will also let you know if they think the property is not the best choice for you, because that is part of giving good advice – having an opinion on the issue at hand.

We also give advice when you want to sell your home.
When properties are put on the market, an agreement is often made with a real estate agent. This agreement can easily run to DKK 100,000, and the seller rarely has anything but the agent’s own marketing material by which to asses the agent’s track record. A seller who has consulted several real estate agents will often find great variations in the proposed selling price. We believe many people selling their homes need assistance choosing a real estate agent and fixing a selling price, and we base our advice on our knowledge of the market and its various players.

We have also employed a state-authorised real estate agent who assists sellers that have found a buyer for their home on their own, helping the seller to draft a purchase agreement and ensure the deal is closed correctly.

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