Administration and property management

Our law firm has two departments for property management; one for unions of owner-occupied flats/shared ownership apartments and one for all kinds of rented housing, including business properties. If you need advice or an offer for administration pleas contact. This constitutes that we have a lot of experience in these areas and see also under <link>Tenancy Law.

Property management
Having provided many years’ counselling on real property, especially issues relating to construction law, tenancy law, property transfers, construction projects as well as litigation and arbitration cases, we can also put the know-how we have amassed to use in our office’s property management department.

Our property management department is responsible for managing owners’ associations and cooperative societies as well as commercial properties, including those of limited partnerships, and residential rental properties.

We base our property management on the principle of assigning a personal case officer and a specific attorney to each property. These two members of staff cooperate closely on the daily management of each property.

Foundations and associations
Many of the office’s attorneys are experienced administrators of foundations and associations, including trade organisations, and also serve on many of their boards.

Further, the office has litigated a number of test cases involving the extent to which foundation capital was separated from that of the founder, whether or not a foundation could be considered commercial, and what distinguished a foundation from an association.

The office itself oversees about 20 foundations.

Lawyers with competences within this area