Our commercial clients require a wide variety of legal services. We offer counselling on most aspects of company operations. This includes advice on the many questions that come up with respect to the start-up of a business, corporate finance and contract issues, crisis situations where a company’s survival is at stake, human resources, ownership transition or acquisitions and divestments.

We tailor our counselling to your company’s needs. At times, you may simply want to discuss an issue over the phone or by e-mail. Other matters might entail a lengthier involvement or the drafting of a contract. We can help identify your counselling needs. And we can make clearly defined agreements about the scope and extent of our counselling. We will not try to sell you solutions you do not need.

We also give advice on international issues, a service we underpin through our international collaboration with JCA-International, a network of European business lawyers experienced in their respective national jurisdictions.

Our key areas of practice are described in the menu to the left. Click on the individual items for further information.

For large assignments, such as due diligence cases or complexes of agreements, we put together a team of attorneys with the necessary expertise to do the job. As for teams of lawyers see the listing of Lawyers.


Major financial values may be at stake when contracts are concluded, which may also involve particular attention to special terms and conditions.

All our attorneys have drawn up contracts in their specific spheres of expertise for many years.

As a result, you can consult any one of our attorneys on contract law matters. If a given attorney lacks the required competencies, you will be referred to a colleague in the office with the relevant expertise.

No matter the intent of the contract, we provide legal advice at all stages of the contract’s “life”, for example:

  • Prior analyses of specific legal and business issues within the area concerned
  • Needs and requirements analyses for the client
  • Preparation for negotiations, proposal for/outline of contract timeline and content
  • Preliminary communication with other contract parties
  • The contract negotiation itself
  • Preparation of draft contract or comments on/adaptation of existing draft and ongoing incorporation of negotiation results
  • Drafting of final contract
  • Conclusion of contract itself, signature, formality check, etc.
  • Follow-up and project assistance throughout the term of the contract
  • Handling of possible disputes and instances of breach